bwah haa haa haaa... happy halloween. oop. no candy...

my kind of phrenology, cleveland ohio, october 2007


now they are falling...

before they unfurl, lakewood ohio, may 2006


tomorrow i am going to an amish farm, i'm excited.

last of the fall flowers, avon ohio, october 2007


new music makes me happy, so do farm stands

perhaps i can try something in purple, avon ohio, october 2007


the leaves are changing colour...

forever looking backwards, peninsula ohio, september 2007


have i posted this one already? too many bee photos...

desert honey, santa fe new mexico, july 2004


baseball into november (!?)

the whole town is busy right now, cleveland ohio, october 2007

i could not find the right angle. the building had its lights spell out "go tribe" for the cleveland indians game last night. i saw it from the highway, but without pulling over on a bridge or breaking into an office building i could only get the "go". i am disappointed. but for all my driving around i did get to see a bunch of undercover cops take down a car full of people who were apparently up to no good. that was exciting.
ah, cleveland.


they all went to mexico

europe is a long way away, cleveland ohio, september 2007


in honor of crazy motorcycle purchases

riding the yellow line, east of cleveland, october 2007


how 'bout them melons?

something in the soil, perry ohio, october 2007


looking for solitude

prayer light, cleveland ohio, september 2007


hankerin' for a burger?

where food comes from, fort worth texas, february 2007


80 degrees in october

more than a fire belly, elmore vertmont, june 2007