occassionally i like to use words

i know that i do not usually post words with my pictures, but i spent a good amount of time today thinking about a friend of mine that i have not seen in a while, but who i hope to see soon. i have posted this picture with the bit of text before, on my other place for posting. i like the two together. this is for her. and for me. and probably for you too.

waiting to spring back, march 2007, lakewood ohio

the tsalagi believed that within each person was a battle between two wolves. sitting with his grandson, a grandfather explained that one of the wolves was evil, driven by anger, envy, regret, and the worship of war.
the other wolf was good, driven by love, hope, compassion, and the promise of peace.
thinking about the wolves already growing within him, the boy asked, "grandfather, which wolf wins?"
and the old man relpied, "the one you feed."

- from willie nelson's the tao of willie


mouse (aka kimy) said...

mighty good lesson. thanks

mouse (aka kimy) said...
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