on the job

streaked, bath ohio, april 2008

*** i am having a hard time deciding whether to leave the vertical photos in the smaller ***
format. it could be my screen but when they are big you cannot see them all at once. and that
kinda bugs me. any opinions?


Unknown said...

Maybe resize to how you want it to look then post it. And if it is in your browser and you want to see more of the photo, press the F11 key and the tool bars at the top and bottom disappear. Push the F11 key again and they reappear.
The one you posted is 300 pixels per inch which is fine for print but a waste on computer monitors. 72 is more appropriate. Now it is 1600 high. 72 pixels per inch and 1000 high would be much better.

Does this make sense? Email me if it isn't.

24karas said...

This is always an issue with these vertical photos. I'd say make it a little bigger. But it really depends on the resolutions peoples monitors are set at and you can never control that. Love the photo, the lighting is beautiful.

Unknown said...

I leave them big because people tend to have bigger screens...