there are times when i feel less laconic than others...

...there are also times when i feel exacerbated, exuberant, overwhelmed, underwhelmed, sardined, and solitary. sometimes even all at the same time.

i love looking at other people's blogs, some of them have become part of my routine (assuming i can find an internet connection somewhere). but being what my mother calls "a lurker", i never comment (laconic- remember...). i get the feeling that this pattern of behavior drives her crazy, being the amazing wordsmith that she is, but often the computer is my quiet time- i'm often alone (well, with dog) and usually choose to read, reflect, think, enjoy- not talk, write, erase, rewrite . in person i can be a bit of a chatterbox. chatter, babble, ramble... you are getting the idea by now... yikes! i can hear you thinking- get to the point woman! so, anyway i feel alittle guilty when i use the silly stat-counter thing. it is like lurking on the lurker. but even more to the point...
it makes me very happy when i see people checking my blog on a regular basis. and there are a few people whose regular visitations make me exceptionally happy; friends, family, sisters, who i need to be better at corresponding with. you are getting a little glimpse into my life, i should be keeping a better eye on yours! so start a blog why don'tcha! haha, just kidding.
boiling that long-ass ramble down... thanks my loves. how about a picture?

buddha belly, washington d.c., march 2005


Jules said...

That's a belly only a mother can love.

I love lurking around your site. It makes the distance feel so much shorter.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

ah but when your mousy mother says that she says it affectionately!!

most excellent to see more some more words on the eye. but, your fabulous photos are always enough to brighten my day!!

a little most EEKELLENT item awaits for you at the mouse!